From seaside resorts in Crete to the capital Athens, there are many astonishing places to catch some sun in Greece.

But Greece isn’t only a summer destination! Greece offers its visitors much more than sun and sea.

With its rich ancient history and culture, you can tour popular UNESCO heritage sites, hike awe-inspiring gorges, visit and stay at traditional wineries, participate in hands-on cooking classes and go skiing on one of its mountain ranges. And if that isn’t enough to make you daydream of a winter holiday in Greece, then check out some of our favorite winter retreats!


Grand Forest Metsovo

Escape to 5-star serenity, hidden in the breathtaking Pindus mountains. Grand Forest Metsovo is a small 5-star hotel set on the fringe of a black pine forest, on top of a private mountain, deep in the rugged region of Epirus, in north-western Greece. Pindus National Park, founded in 1966, is considered one of the most important protected areas for the conservation of mountainous biodiversity. It is characterized by large black pine and beech forests at the lower and middle altitudes of the park and Balkan pine at higher altitudes.

Metsovo is one of Europe’s leading hiking destinations and an unforgettable hiking experience is provided by the Grand Forest. The “Ursa Trail” has been recognized by the Eur as the “Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe”.

Metsovo Grand Forest is surrounded by woods that host a population of Eurasian brown bears, a priority species for conservation. Wolves, deer, wild cats, and Balkan chamois are some of the other mammals present in the park.
‍In addition, the park offers habitat to more than 80 bird species, including 10 varieties of endangered bird species, such as the Eastern Imperial Eagle, the Golden Eagle, and the Lanner Falcon.

The center of Metsovo lies within a 15-minute drive from the property, while Ioannina Town is 52 km away. Ioannina National Airport is at a distance of 47 km and Thessaloniki International Airport is 240 km away. Free private parking is possible on site.

Most popular facilities
2 swimming pools (1 indoor), Spa and wellness center, Free parking, Free WiFi, Family rooms, Tea/coffee maker in all rooms, Bar


Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa

1700 The ‘Hotel & Spa’ is located in the region of Epirus in north Greece and took its name from the renovated building and the complex’s first building, which dates back to 1700 and is a legend in itself.

By coincidence 1700 are also the types of flora and fauna found in the National Park of Vikos-Aoou which surrounds the village of Papigo. Papigo can claim to be the most authentic of the other 46 “Zagorochoria” (villages in Zagori region). Stone Towers and buildings covered with blankets of snow, smoking chimneys, the scent of wood blended with the crystal clear mountain air, and delicious farm to table dishes are just some of the delights of Mikro Papigo 1700 and nothing can beat the feeling of swimming in an indoor pool after a long hike or a mountain adventure!

Environmental respect is one of their non-negotiable values. Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel and Spa, true to its commitment to environmental issues, has created an eco-friendly spa that minimizes any environmental impact.

Most popular facilities

1 swimming pool, Non-smoking rooms, Airport shuttle, Family rooms, Room service, Restaurant, Pet friendly, Tea/Coffee Maker in All Rooms, Bar



Imaret is an intimate luxury hospitality property situated inside the historic monument of the same name. Founded in 1817 right in the middle of the historic district of Kavala city, in northern Greece, Imaret is an unexpected oasis of tranquility and superior service. This memorial building, is a rare example in Europe, a masterpiece of late Ottoman architecture. The decorative details, the quality of delicate structures, the interaction between indoor and open spaces and the adaptability of functional structures create an original complex of high esthetic and cultural value.

Kavala is in northern Greece, a port between Thessaloniki and Istanbul, with a long and important position in the historical evolution of the region, from the classical to the post-Ottoman period. The Imaret is located in the old town, (old part of the city) the most beautiful and picturesque district, where you will have the feeling that you are on an island or in a past era. As you ascend the cobbled streets, you will meet mansions dressed in nostalgia, among them the majestic and imposing Imaret, the house/museum of Mehmet Ali, and the miraculous church of Panagia.

Apart from spending time exploring the rich history and traditions of Kavala, check out the mountain villages of Paggaio of unique natural beauty and traditional Macedonian architecture. Here, the visitor can walk in traditional settlements with stone mansions, cobbled alleys, cross arched bridges made of hewn stone, sit in cobbled squares with wells, and enjoy the nature of the region.

Most popular facilities

Non-smoking rooms, Airport shuttle, Restaurant, Free WiFi, Spa and wellness center, Pets allowed, Bar, Breakfast


En Dimitsani 

A valuable example of traditional architectural intelligence, the traditional guesthouse En Dimitsani, will welcome you to reveal the secrets of Arcadian hospitality and the charm of the aristocratic Dimitsana. Built at the entrance of Dimitsana village above the gorge of the river Lousios, with a panoramic view of Dimitsana, it listens to the endless flow of the mythical river and looks from above the valleys of the Arcadian land. Behind it, like a painting of rare art, the View of Dimitsana, with its mansions and cobbled streets, its churches and its rare beauty, seduces and promises moments of true well-being and peace.

A stone’s throw from the lively center of Dimitsana, the stone-built guesthouse is in perfect harmony with the environment and the traditional settlement, uniquely combining the requirements of Dimitsana architecture with the high standards and rich facilities required by the modern concept of hospitality services. All areas of the hotel are dominated by an authentic traditional environment, where stone and wood become the protagonists and classic furniture, objects, and fabrics, a reference point for elegance and luxury.

This enchanting place, full of historical sights, traditional atmosphere, and rare natural beauty, remains unchanged over time, maintaining its important prominent position among all the settlements of Greece. Dimitsana with its stone-built mansions, its cobbled streets, and the genuine traditional atmosphere that it offers in combination with the rare historical monuments and sights, the impressive mountains, and the water activities on the river Lucio is the perfect winter destination.

Most popular facilities

Family rooms, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Bar, Exceptional Breakfast


Milia Mountain Retreat

Milia is situated in a mountainous and environmentally fragile region of western Crete, in the Chania prefecture and in the middle of the province of Kissamos. The area is part of the Natura network of protected areas.

The settlement is surrounded by a green valley formed by the Kefali (Head) and Psilo (High) mountains, 550m above sea level. The mountainous terrain gives its distinctive character to the people and their creations.

Jacob Tsourounakis’ vision was to see Milia thriving again, after four decades of abandonment and irrational human treatment that brought the land into an environmentally devastating condition. He wanted to cultivate the land again and harvest organic products, reforest, create a small stock-farming unit and restore what was left from the ruins of the medieval settlement and thus Milia Mountain Retreat was created  Refurbishing all in great detail, in order to maintain their authenticity. All interiors have been preserved as in the past, with minimal modifications. The exteriors were updated with the inclusion of patios and alleys. Geomorphology was still preserved intact, preserving the amphitheatrical style of the settlement and thereby contributing to the harmony of the houses in their natural environment.

The western Crete area is suitable for quiet or adventurous holidays. Milia is located in the middle of the Kissamos region, making it convenient to set off on a long or shorter excursion and hikes to some of the most breathtaking spots in Crete.

Most popular facilities

15 smoke-free guestrooms, Restaurant, Coffee/tea in a common area, Hiking/biking trails, Free WiFi, and free parking


Rouista Tzoumerka Resort 

The Tzoumerka Mountains are situated in the northwest of Greece, between two airports, Aktio & Ioannina. There are three major cities near Tzoumerka, Ioannina, Arta, Trikala.

The Tzoumerka Mountains are a well-known and alternative mountain range in Greece. In this zone, the Tzoumerka National Park has been accredited by the European Park Federation for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. Today, Tzoumerka balances between wealth and poverty, growth and stagnation, modernization and tradition, the modern world, and the past. The only element that remains unchanged is the wild natural beauty of the mountains and the charm of the stone settlements. Authenticity, tradition, and genuineness are the key features that the visitor
of the region perceives!

Rouista Tzoumerka Resort is situated in the center of the village of Vourgareli. It is a complex of stone houses, influenced by the typical architecture of the area. It blends the Greek ambience, with modern luxury, and the wild beauty and charm of Tzoumerka.

Most popular facilities

Bar, Free WiFi, lounge, board games, Sun terrace, walking tours


Aleka’s House Tsagkarada 

Aleka’s House is situated in Magnesia, in Tsagkarada of Pelion. Tsagarada is one of the most beautiful and famous villages of the mountain and offers a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. A village full of nobility, it offers abundance, coolness, peace, and beauty. The picturesque houses of the village nest sparsely, in the green of the mountain, framed by large flowering cetaceans with wildflowers, wonderful gardenias, camellias, and hydrangeas. A place truly blessed and appreciated every season.

The hotel is located in the central neighborhood of the village and provides high-quality facilities and homemade breakfast, promising to make your holiday in Pelion memorable with their 65 years of experience. Apart from a variation of rooms, it also has a restaurant with Greek-Mediterranean cuisine and traditional dishes of Pelion with chosen products from the local producers. The visitors can enjoy the unique view of the Aegean Sea and the summit of Mount Pelion while relaxing at the elegantly decorated cafe.

Most popular facilities

Lounge with a stone-made fireplace, 24hour service, Individually controlled air conditioning in the rooms, Restaurant with Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, a cafe, and public parking.


Area Synest Home Hotel

In an hour and a half from Athens and half an hour from the National road, following the signs to “Synevro village” and “Synevro Theme Park” you will reach the Area Synest Hotel in Peloponnese. From the first glance, the Area Synest wins over even the most skeptical, waking the child inside you, with its lush theme park, located in the forest.

While entering the Area Synest, the first thing you will see and you will definitely remember will be the huge tree nests, which are set up in various trees in the park. The adults admire them, while the little ones can stay there for a while and play. The Area Synest is an ideal choice for groups and families, who want to explore the greatness of nature, travel to other eras, and experience a “fairy tale” in real life. A place to relax and enjoy a magic theme park!

Most popular facilities

Domestic animals & nature theme Park, Tea/coffee maker in all rooms, Bar, Superb breakfast, hiking, bird watching, walking tours, massage services, cooking classes


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