Thrace Region,a land generously bestowed by nature.

Thrace is not your classic travel destination. The primal feeling and authenticity of the place, requires a true traveler and not a tourist.

And if we say that in Greece the West meets the East, here these two elements coexist, creating a beautiful cultural blend that is unforgettable. Thrace is a destination for all seasons.




At this off the beaten path corner, exploration acquires unprecedented dimensions. Wide rivers, rugged mountains, endless forests, picturesque villages and castles with a past that is lost between legend and history, grout the character of a special place that will charm you.




Here in the northeast extremity of Greece, the feeling of intense contrasts are more evident than anywhere else. The landscape has a charming diversity but nevertheless coexists harmoniously.The physiography of this special place has been shaped by the climate that receives influences from both the sea and the mountains of the southern Balkans, resulting in intense weather changes.




Thrace’s strong card, is authentic nature: the Evro Delta, the Vistonida lake, the wonderful Nestos, the  forests of Rhodope, Dadia forest, the waterfall at Livaditi are points of particular ecological interest which in conjunction with the archaeological sites of Abdera and Maronea, create an attractive package for every type of visitor. If to all this we add the wonderful island of Samothrace, with the unique natural beauty, great beaches, and archaeological wealth, we have a destination able to keep a restless traveler excited.


Spring at Nestos river

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