Thessaly Region, home of the Gods

With majestic mountains (Olympus, Kissavos), geological wonders (Meteora), famous rivers (Penaeus), canyons, valleys, lakes and scenic beauty beaches Thessaly is a must destination.

Thessaly lies in the middle of Greece and occupies 11% of the total area of the territory.

It is the largest cultivable plain of the Greek land. An area worth visiting for its historical monuments, traditional settlements and religious centers.

Meteora is the second most important religious attraction after Mount Athos in Greece and a place of astonishing beauty.




Pelion, with its traditional villages and snow-covered mountain peaks will impress you with its natural beauty.

Sporades islands, are in the same geographical region with lush green scenery, unique beaches, clear blue waters and a marine park which protects endangered marine species.




Elati and Pertouli are an ideal destination throughout the year,set among the South Pindos mountain range, in a timeless beauty with forests, canyons and rushing rivers, topped by Mount Koziakas.




Lake Plastiras and Smokovo baths (springs with healing waters for respiratory diseases) are in the prefecture of Karditsa and attract the interest of visitors in the area.

Thessaly is a nature-lover’s ultimate destination.


"The picturesque houses of Tzasteni, south Pelion, Thessaly, Greece"


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