Where to go for the best photo opportunities in Santorini

Being one of the most photogenic places in the world, Santorini is the absolute place to capture some of your most revealing photos and create standout, get-more-followers stories. From whitewashed traditional villages perched on the edge of multicolored cliffs, uninterrupted spectacular views with breathtaking sunsets, an active volcano, the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea to a land full of culture, there is no doubt that here your selfies will blow up your Instagram account!

Here you’ll find our top Instagram spots you shouldn’t miss while being in Santorini!

Oia’s whitewashed alleys

Every corner in Oia should be the perfect Instagram spot. Stroll around the village and capture once-in-lifetime photos with whitewashed houses and bougainvillea-colored alleys in dramatic settings at the edge of steep cliff. Do not miss to head to Oia’s Castle for great panoramic vistas!


Akrotiri, the Greek Pompeii

Click the life like it was around 3500 years ago while strolling around the ancient structures and clay buildings of the Archeological Site of Akrotiri, one of the Bronze age’s well-preserved settlements. A massive volcanic eruption destroyed the Minoan town of Akrotiri, covering it with a thin layer of volcanic ash and as a result, preserving its remains in a remarkable condition.



The Blue Dome Church, Firostefani

Walk all the way through a whitish alley in the village of Firostefani to the photogenic Blue Dome Church, the most-iconic spot of Santorini and the main theme of the island’s postcards. From the bright-blue of the dome to the deep-blue of the Aegean Sea and the light-blue of the Greek sky, this is the perfect place to capture the numerous shades of blue! Do not get surprised if Beyonce or Lady Gaga takes selfies next to you!


Santorini sunset

The sunset from Oia may be the most famous on the island but it is super over-crowded. So, as locals, we suggest that you avoid the hordes of tourists there and head to one of the caldera-perched villages with picturesque streets and amazing views. Villages such as Megalochari, Akrotiri or Firostefani offer idyllic scenery photos lit up in red-orange sunset colors. An absolutely exotic background for Instagram influencers!


Red Beach

Frame the rocks of spectacular Red Beach in the southern part of the island. Either you reach the beach by boat or hiking, you’ll capture the stunning contrast of the clear blue sea with the red-colored rock formation and the dark sand.



Inland medieval villages

Follow the road less traveled in Santorini and some of the best-preserved medieval villages will reveal to you. Explore the castle-villages of Pyrgos or Emporio and take some of the best photos in the windy pathways with the pastel-colored houses, under old arches, and in charming traditional ‘kafenion’, the Greek coffee shops.



Santorini wineries

Any of the wineries in Santorini could be a mesmerizing spot for Instagram-ish photos. Choose the wineries that are located on the caldera brow offering dazzling views to the volcanic island and the Aegean Sea. Or visit the inland wineries where you can click the ancient cultivating technique of kouloura, according to which vines are woven into continuous circles to form a basket so as to be protected from the harsh weather conditions of the island. In any case, you shouldn’t miss taking mesmerizing photos of canava, the island’s underground caves used as a space for grape storage and winemaking.


From Fira to Imerovigli hike

Go hiking from Fira to Imerovigli village following the stone path being carved at the edge of caldera’s top and passing through spectacular suspended villages. Click at the glamorous Fira, the white capital of the island or compose ‘apocalyptic’ frames with the clouds’ shapes, the cruise ships, the blue sea and the shadows of the nearby volcanic islands. By far, this is the most unique way to experience the most dramatic corner of the Aegean Sea.


Explore spots like these and many others on our Sights, Wines & Clicks tour on Santorini!