Being the largest island of Greece, Crete offers travelers unique experiences, authentic local culture and imposing vistas of turquoise beaches, medieval towns, outstanding village life and impressive archeological sites you should definitely capture once you are here!

Below you’ll find the best spots to snap a photo in Crete and blow up your Instagram account!


You shouldn’t miss creating a story in Elafonisi beach while exploring Crete. Being a nature reserve, Elafonisi is often awarded among the best beaches worldwide offering some of the most unique Caribbean-style settings in Europe. No one can resist the natural beauty of the place, its pink sandy beaches, created by tidal and wave-induced deposits of pigmented microorganisms living in a symbiotic relationship with native seaweed. Choose the main beach or one of the numerous small beaches and enjoy your day at the shallow turquoise waters, and the sand dunes being full with ’junipers’. While in the area, don’t miss the 17th-century Chrysoskalitissa Monastery which is approximately 5 km (3.1 miles) from the famous beach.


Chania Venetian Harbour

The Chania old city and its Venetian harbor is the perfect place to stroll around with a special someone by your side and snap romantic pictures with the famous Venetian lighthouse as a background. Venture into the picture-pretty alleys of the town with the pastel-colored houses and the bougainvillea trees, walk to the lighthouse passing by the “Neoria”, the old Venetian shipyards and capture ‘insta’ photos of Chania and the White Mountains. You can’t leave Chania without visiting one of the vantage points where you can watch the sun set as it colors the skies with all the shades of orange.


Balos lagoon

By far the most photographed spot on Crete, as simply you can’t miss the outstanding scenery of Balos lagoon. Being nestled between the wild mountains of Crete, Balos is situated near the northwest tip of Crete, approximately 53 km from the city of Chania. In this paradise, you’ll enjoy the fine white sand and swim in the turquoise exotic waters. If you choose to go by boat, you’ll capture amazing photos of the islet of Imeri Gramvousa while if you reach the place overland through a dirty road and then follow the steps down to the beach you will have once-in-life-time panoramic views of the lagoon and Gramvousa peninsula. Either way, we guarantee tons of mesmerizing “insta” photos!



In the south of the region of Rethymnon, at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotikos Gorge, Preveli beach, is the “tropical” corner of Crete. The area is famous for the large colony of the indigenous palm trees, the Preveli Lake and the mesmerizing panoramic vistas. The river flows between the forested banks and creates a small lagoon before it meets the Libyan Sea. Before leaving the area, visit the nearby Monastery of Preveli with a glorious history and numerous religious relics and icons.


Samaria Gorge

Located on the White Mountains range and with a length of 18 kilometers, Samaria Gorge is known as the longest trekking gorge in Europe. Start your six-hour trek from Omalos Plateau on the top of the mountains, pass through the narrowest spot of the gorge where the two rocky sides of the mountains (called “doors”) almost touch each other and end your hike at the charming car-free village of Agia Roumeli, settled next to the sea.



One of the world’s most famous monuments, the Palace of Knossos is an archeological site situated a few kilometers away from Heraklion. Being the political center of the Minoan civilization, this place has a story of more than 4000 years old. Wander around the red and blue-colored ruins of the palace, a great spot for shots, and get awe-inspired about a civilization lost in time but still visible today.


Rethymnon medieval town

Get lost in the cobbled streets of the medieval town of Rethymno with its neoclassical houses, the flowered-filled balconies, and the hidden squares. Fill your timeline with pictures of the tiny charming Venetian old harbor, the imposing Fortezza, the medieval Venetian castle rising high on the hill of Paleokastro, the magnificent Venetian Rimondi Fountain, the impressive Mosque of Gazi Hussein Pasha and more. Experience Rethymno, a fairy-tale town that definitely will steal your heart and boost your Instagram!



Capture mystery and beauty while you visit Spinaloga islet. Catch a boat from the charming village of Plaka, in the stunning Mirabello bay and explore the outstanding fortress islet of Spinaloga with its turbulent story starting in the 16th century. Important Venetian fortified spot against Ottomans, Spinaloga, nowadays, has an abandoned village where lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined until the mid-1900s. Immerse in the islet’s quirky mystery by strolling around its alleys and admiring some amazing sea views.


Any mountain top

No one can resist a “Like” to a photo with local animals! Who doesn’t like goats & sheep?


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