All Year Round
4 Hours
Food Tour
Private Walking Tour


  • Explore Thessaloniki through its unique local flavors and tastes
  • Captivate your senses by sampling from-savory-to-sweet different Thessaloniki bites and treats
  • Learn everything about Greek coffee while sipping one in a traditional kafeneion
  • Find your way through the city’s bustling open-air markets, the authentic side of Thessaloniki
  • Say “yamas!” with a glass of ouzo in one of locals-favourite ouzeris of Thessaloniki

Tour snapshot

Walk through the heart and stomach of Thessaloniki to find out why food is the best way to understand Greek culture. Bring along your appetite and discover Thessaloniki’s rich culinary heritage. On this foodie’s paradise walking tour, you’ll experience local gastronomy and gain an overall view of the city, beyond the tourist traps, by visiting small-scale family-owned businesses and locals-favourite spots. This is a combination of ‘must-see’ and ‘must-have’ while walking around the historical part of the city.

Local impact — How you help the local community by joining this tour:

  • On this tour, 100% local family-owned businesses, such as a local greengrocer, cheesemonger, butcher, and fishmonger who sell their own and Greek-only products are promoted.
  • The  traditional character of old Thessaloniki is preserved by supporting small-scale, locally-run businesses
  • By visiting a 100-year-old local pastry shop started by refugees you help them to continue thriving and serving authentic local delicacies.
  • A  local ouzeri that serves meze locally sourced from villages, farmers, and stock-breeders of northern Greece is supported.
  • At least one store on your itinerary is dedicated to the preservation of locally-produced crafts.

Full Itinerary

Thessaloniki isn’t just known for its magnificence and amazing number of Byzantine landmarks, but also for its amazing food scene that has been inspired from different cultures through centuries as Thesaaloniki was one of the most important crossroads between East and West.

Start this tasty Thessaloniki food tour by meeting your local guide in Aristotelous Square, the most important and crowded square in Thessaloniki, surrounded by impressive neoclassical buildings.

As drinking coffee is a daily ritual in Greece, you couldn’t ease yourself into the day without sipping a cup of freshly brewed Greek coffee in a traditional kafeneion. Enjoy the local atmosphere as you mingle with locals and learn all about Greece’s coffee culture.

Then, you’ll walk through the bustling commercial area of Thessaloniki, stopping at different stores and sampling unique flavors along the way. Taste traditional koulouri, a small round pieces of bread with sesame seeds, as well as, bougatsa, the Thessaloniki-style most popular pie that can be filled with almost anything, such as sweet cream or spinach, cheese, mince, and much more. Both koulouri and bougatsa have a centuries-old history that dates back to the Byzantine era, so these two tastes are simply the ones you shouldn’t miss in Thessaloniki.

Continue your culinary journey with a visit to Thessaloniki’s two best-known open-air markets. Wander through the cobblestoned alleys where locals flock daily to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, spices, dairy, homemade products, and many local specialties. Feel the unique vibes of the markets as you hear market tales from your local guide, and smell and taste local flavors such as top-quality olives, cheeses, and many more.

Next, you’ll head to Athonos, a square with a distinct atmosphere as here many traditional old-world “ouzeris” and small taverns are located. Enjoy a take-it-easy time like locals love to do in an old-fashion ouzeri where you’ll treat your taste buds to delicious meze (local Greek tapas) paired with ouzo or tsipouro.

Your Thessaloniki tour couldn’t be completed without stopping at a pastry shop with mouthwatering local delights. Sample delicious “siropiasta”, a variety of syrupy sweets originated from Istanbul and Asia Minor that the Greek refugees of these areas brought with them here during the 1920s, following till nowadays these old authentic recipes.

Our tour will come to an end either here where it’s the perfect place to continue your own exploration through the city, or we could take you back to the starting point. Before we part ways, don’t forget to ask your local guide for more hints and tips on how to get the best of your trip to amazing Thessaloniki.

Language: English

Inclusions: Local English-speaking escort, coffee, local snack – Bougatsa, Koulouri, ouzo & meze, olives, cheese, sweet treats, local spirits

Exclusions: Additional food and drink, souvenirs and items of a personal nature, tips and gratuities for your guide