Chania Crete
April to November
11 Hours
Food & Adventure Tour
Private Tour


  • Experience an amazing private adventure on the south coast of Crete by visiting unique off-the-beaten-track spots such as a charming coastal village.
  • Follow a trail for a 90-minute hike through a captivating gorge to a place with outstanding views, interesting flora, and peaceful moments away from tourists
  • Discover a secret ancient city with ‘healing’ waters and mythical energy
  • Hop on a fishing boat to an impressive secluded beach and swim into the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Walk around Paleochora, a coastal fishing village, and learn why the hippies had been mesmerized by it

For adventure-seeker lovers, you shouldn’t miss this Cretan fun ’n action adventurous tour to the authentic less-travelled part of the island. Reveal your Indiana Jones instincts as you explore a Cretan village, venture into a gorge, discover an ancient city, freshen up with the ‘healing water’, swim in a deep-blue sea, and indulge in farm-to-table local recipes! Be positive and open-minded and you’ll experience an adventure of a lifetime!

Local impact — How you help the local community by joining this tour:

  • The tour promotes villages far from mass tourism and collaborating with the locals, supports small communities financially
  • The tour promotes local products by enjoying a local organic breakfast/lunch made entirely with products from the area.
  • Local cultural heritage is preserved by learning how to make a traditional sweet from a village local

Full Itinerary

On this Cretan adventure will drive you away from the town to the less travelled road heading to the southern coast of the island. After meeting your local guide, enjoy a two-hour ride that will take you to a seaside village away from tourist hordes.

Upon reaching this small, laid-back village, you’ll start your day adventure off by boosting your energy with a light breakfast made from local organic products, such as olives, rusks, and cheese.

After breakfast, you’ll follow an easy trail heading to the ancient city of Lissos. During ancient times, Lissos was one of the most powerful trading and fishing hubs of the area that was totally abandoned all of a sudden, due to a destructive earthquake. Till nowadays, the ancient city hasn’t been totally excavated, and believed that some important buildings such as the temple for the goddess Diktinna are still underground.

Hike under the old pine trees and from the top of a hill admire the breathtaking scenery with the namesake gorge beneath you and the bright blue sea in the distance. Then, following the trail, you’ll reach a barrel plateau with views over rocks that meet the sea. This is the place of the ancient Asclepieion, a healing temple, built in the third century B.C.E and dedicated to the god Asclepius.

You’ll have an hour to explore the area of Asclepieion, walk around the ruins, drink ‘healing water’ from the spring used in the ancient ceremonies and the therapeutic sessions and point out the herbs and flora used in the Cretan diet.

Please keep in mind that the full walk through the trail is approximately 90 minutes with stops, with elevations of 250 metres up, and almost 400 metres down.

Then, after a half an hour of easy walk you’ll approach a sandy beach with fine pebbles. For the next two hours, soak up the sun, dive into the crystal-clear waters and enjoy some fresh fruit.

Afterwards, you’ll hop on a fishing boat to continue your exploration of the south coast. You’ll visit a remote charming village where you’ll enjoy a 3-course farm-to-table local menu and wash it down with local wine!

Before departing for Chania, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time for a stroll around the coastal town of Paleochora. Experience its cosmopolitan vibe as you walk along the promenade and its picture-pretty back streets.

Your Cretan exploration to this unspoilt island’s corner comes to an end but before we part ways, don’t forget to ask your local guide for more hints and tips on how to get the best of your trip to amazing Crete.

Language: English

Inclusions: Local English-speaking guide, transportation, breakfast (local dish with rusks, olives, tomatoes, and cheese), seasonal fruit, a meal (starter and main course), local sweets, raki (a local spirit)

Exclusions: Additional food and drink, souvenirs and items of a personal nature, tips and gratuities for your guide