All Year Round


8 Days

On this Legendary Greek Landmarks tour, you’ll get to know the ‘Big Five’ (plus more) under UNESCO World Heritage Protection, not-to-miss historical sites of the Greek mainland.

Immerse yourself in history by exploring Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games; the postcard-pretty old town of Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece; the best of its kind Ancient Theater of Epidaurus; the majestic citadel of Ancient Mycenae, the hometown of legendary Agamemnon king; the mythical oracle of Delphi; and the breathtaking rocks of Meteora with its suspended monasteries. Get ready to experience the glorious history of Greece!


Day 1: Athens Welcome drink; Athens by night (Optional tour).

Day 2: Athens Visit the Acropolis and drive to Sounio for a sunset tour of the temple of Poseidon.

Day 3: Corinth Snap photos at the Corinth Canal, visit of the 2,300-year-old open-air theater of Epidaurus, Stroll around the postcard-pretty coastal town of Nafplio and admire unique views from the three medieval fortresses.

Day 4: Nafplion & Nemea Bring Homer’s poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey” to life while you’re exploring Ancient Mycenae, the land of intrepid king Agamemnon, Olive oil & wine tasting (Optional tour).

Day 5: Olympia Explore the Temples and ancient training facilities of Ancient Olympia and grab the opportunity to run in the birthplace of the Olympics.

Day 6: Delphi Explore the Archeological Site of Delphi with its mythical monuments and spectacular views and seek your prophecy in the most famous oracle of the ancient world.

Day 7: Meteora Guided visit of the Monasteries.

Day 8: Meteora-Metsovo Optional food & wine tour of the village.

Day 9: Athens Drive back to Athens.


Welcome to Athens! Check-in time at your hotel in Athens is after 14:00 so we recommend choosing a flight that arrives in the early afternoon. We will meet you at the airport and you will enjoy your private transfer to the hotel. Take your time to relax. In the evening you will have your first taste of Greece by strolling around the old neighborhoods of Athens, on a moonlight evening tour and indulge in mouth-watering local dishes and drinks.

Overnight Athens
Included: Pick up transfer, Concierge welcome drink, Athens by night tour with dinner and drinks included, Accomodation


Take a half-day tour of Athens and its most significant sights. No visit to Athens is complete without a climb up to the Acropolis (“peak of the city”), where Ancient Athenians of the 5th century BC erected the great temple dedicated to the goddess Athena – the extraordinary Parthenon.

You will also see the Ancient Agora, and some of the finest structures of modern Athens, such as the Kallimarmaro Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics in 1896; the old Royal Palace and today’s Parliament, with the elite unit known as the Evzones guarding the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier.

Have lunch in one of the most traditional neighborhoods near the sea, before you head for a sunset tour of the Poseidon temple at Sounion

Overnight Athens
Included: Your preferred car, Guided tour of the city’s highlights including the Acropolis, Guided tour of the temple of Poseidon, Accomodation


Leaving Athens with its one-and-only Acropolis, we will travel to Peloponnese, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games, Drama Theater and great civilizations.

After taking a short stopover for unique Instagram photos at the Corinth Canal, the waterway that crosses the narrow Isthmus of Corinth with its long history, we’ll move toward Epidaurus.

Epidaurus’s fame is so grand worldwide due to the ancient theater of Epidaurus –an UNESCO World Heritage Site-, the most fascinating and best preserved of its kind being built in the 4th century BC and still used today under the framework of the summer Epidaurus Festival. Not to miss to stand in the middle of the highest row and admire how incredibly clearly you can hear the sound of a coin being thrown and reaching the floor in the middle of the stage!

Last stop for today will be at the charming coastal city of Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece where you’ll have free afternoon for exploring the village-feel, cobblestone labyrinth alleys and the neoclassical houses and admire unique views from the two city-mountains crowned by medieval fortresses or from Bourtzi, the small island fortress overlooking the city. Don’t miss to check out the only Komboloi Museum in Greece and taste some Ouzo at Karonis Distillery

Overnight Nafplio
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of Epidaurus, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 212 km


Departing from Nafplio, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mycenae citadel after a short ride. Explore the fascinating hilltop city of Mycenae with its very long history dating back to 1600-1200 BC; stroll around the mythical Cyclopean Walls, the Lion Gate and the Royal beehive tombs; and hear stories about the intrepid king of Mycenae, Agamemnon who was the commander-in-chief of Greek army in the Trojan War and who was honored in Homer’s epic poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey”.

In the afternoon, continue your journey towards Greece’s Tuscany, Nemea. The stomping ground of Hercules is not only famous for its wineries but it’s also well known for its incredible archaeological sites.
Join a wine tour and learn all about the local varieties.

Overnight Nafplio
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of Mycenae, Optional wine/winery tasting tour, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 82 km


Live the myth of the first ancient Olympic Games which took place in 776 BC in the archeological site of Ancient Olympia –an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Take your time and explore the most celebrated temple of Ancient Greece, the Temple of Zeus which once, housed the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Continue your exploration and admire the Temple of Hera where the torch is lit during the modern Olympic Games; stroll around the ancient training facilities of the Palestra and the Gymnasium; and feel the passion for victory of the ancient athletes while you are standing in the middle of the Olympic stadium. Why not grab the opportunity to run in the birthplace of the Olympics? If yes, not forget to get crowned with the victory olive wreaths!

After visiting the outstanding treasures of the Archeological Museum of Ancient Olympia, you’ll move toward Central Greece passing from Rio-Antirrio Bridge, the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed and fully suspended bridge standing above the Gulf of Corinth. Then, you’ll take a short stopover at the medieval coastal town of Nafpaktos for your overnight stay.

Overnight Nafplio
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of Ancient Olympia, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 350 km


Today, visit one of the most fabulous ancient areas of Greece, the Archeological Site of Delphi. Lying on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, Delphi -today a UNESCO World Heritage Site- was believed to be the navel of the world in ancient times. Simply, you’ll be at a loss for words when you stare at this spectacular view with its mythical monuments.

Seek your prophecy in the most fabled and accurate oracle of the ancient world and explore one by one all the hotspots of the archeological area – the Sacred Way leading to the Temple of Apollo, the unusual Polygonal Wall, the Treasury of the Athenians, the Theater and the Stadion, the monumental fountains of the Castalian spring and the masterpiece of the Tholos. Before leaving the area, visit the Delphi Archeological Museum with the great collection of finds from the site.

After lunch at picturesque Arachova village, depart for Kalambaka where you’ll stay overnight.

Overnight Kalambaka
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of Delphi, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 300 km


In the morning, drive to the nearby astonishing rock formations of Meteora with the ‘suspended in the air’ monasteries –an UNESCO World Heritage Site-. Etymologically related to meteor, these gigantic rocks are like being felt from the sky and formatted this outstanding geological phenomenon where the marvel of nature meets the marvel of man.

There, you’ll admire the natural beauty and explore some of the well-preserved monasteries with their grand cultural heritage. Get ready to discover the best spots and capture the most breathtaking landscapes on your camera!

In the evening just relax at your hotel balcony or hike to our favourite monastery for amazing sunset photos.

Overnight Kalambaka
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of the Monasteries, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 0 km


Mountains, tradition, natural beauties, rare flora and fauna, local food… Metsovo guarantees all this and more! Built on one of Greece’s most beautiful mountain ranges,Metsovo will steal your heart and make you want to come back for more. Its beauty, however, does not fit into molds and impresses all year round in a different way, with the traditional atmosphere it exudes: cobbled streets, traditional fountains, stone houses and above all a “character” that remains unchanged and authentic.
No matter what you’re into: food, wine, history, art, music or anything else, Metsovo will cater for your needs.
Follow our suggestions for a do-it-yourself food tour! Metsovo has a number of flavors that you can try, with first and foremost the two local cheeses produced here, metsovone and metsovela. The village is also famous for its yogurt, butter while it is also famous for its wine production.

As part of your tasty tour, add a visit to the Tositsa-Averoff Foundation’s Cheese Factory, where you can buy fine products, as well as the Katogi Averoff Winery with its hundreds of oak barrels and wine aging areas.

Don’t leave without trying traditional foods such as lamb with cauliflower, Metsovo sausage, boiled goat, kontosouvli and pies!

Overnight Kalambaka
Included: Your preferred car, Optional guided tour of the Monasteries, Accomodation
Today’s Distance: 120 km


After breakfast, pack your bags and hit the road. Before arriving in Athens, stop by the Center for Historical Information in Thermopylae. Navigate through digital information surfaces, but also with 3D projection technology. Watch a virtual reality film which shows historical facts concerning the Battle before paying tribute to the statue of the Spartan King.

Included: Your preferred car
Today’s Distance: 355 km