All Year Round
5 Hours
Food & Culture Tour
Private Walking Tour


  • Discover the hippest local spots in Athens, such as trendy coffee shops, artists’ workshops, and music studios
  • Watch the city’s most innovative creators at work
  • Explore the modern street food scene in Athens and taste some of the locals’ favourite gourmet snacks
  • Meet young local artists and learn about the production of handmade objects in designers’ collectives
  • Discover the innovative urban street art of Athens, one of the biggest street art scenes in the world
  • Support a fair-trade cooperative and promote sustainability by sipping a tasty coffee provided directly by the producers

Tour snapshot

On this alternative Athens tour, explore New Athens, a lively hub that was born due to its creativity throughout the financial crisis. Discover the hipster side of Athens with us by exploring its modern street food scene, the hip coffee bars, and the edgy art, interacting with some of the new generation of Athenians who are behind this scene, and capturing the best spots of the city blowing up your Instagram account!

Local impact — How you help the local community by joining this tour:

  • Promote the multicultural and multi-ethnic character of the neighbourhoods you visit on this tour
  • By supporting the new generation of Athenians, such as young artists, you promote their work and their enterprises to thrive through financial crisis

Full Itinerary

Following this absolute hipster tour, you’ll explore New Athens and the new Generation of Athenians whose innovative ideas and the passion for creating during the crisis period regenerated the city center in a lively hub where different cultures meet.

Discover the modern street food scene of Athens, visit trendy coffee bars, and meet young artists in their studios. Your guide will reveal to you some great spots to blow up your Instagram account!

Beginning your hipster walking tour of Athens, you’ll meet your local guide in Korai pedestrian Street and pass through the numerous stoas (covered walkways) of the city where cult cinemas and hidden stores narrate unique old-time stories and feelings of the city. This “old School” setting is the new trendy, and with your local guide you will find out why!

The first Athenian you’ll meet is a young, local artist in an old grocery market building in the buzzing city centre that has transformed into her jewelry workshop. Look through her unique pieces in her showroom as you chat with the artist about her art and the techniques she follows as well as the obstacles to starting a business during turbulent financial times.

Moving on to our next stop now, you’ll enjoy a gourmet and organic snack in a hip street food eatery that serves authentic tastes made from traditional recipes of Greece and Minor East. By eating here, you’ll support this small-owned business and local food producers financially as all ingredients used are exclusively produced and packaged by local farmers and vendors.

Afterwards, you’ll visit our favourite spice house that is so exciting with fragrances and aromas that will travel you into the old Orient. Learn all about spices and herbs,and Greece’s strategic geographical position that brought together traders from East and West, and wake up your senses as you smell all these Asian and African spices, Greek and Balkan herbs, Indian sauces, and famous French tea brands. Of course, no visit is proper without a glass of local mountain tea!

Continuing your tour, you’ll wander through the back streets of Athens in an area loved by the hipster community. Experience the areas’ cool vibes, admire charming neoclassical buildings and discover quaint little bars. At our next stop, if we’re lucky and no new tunes are produced at that moment, you’ll experience a musical presentation in a contemporary creative music lab.

Then, we’ll stop for a caffeine shot at a cooperative that promotes fair-trade products and supports directly the producers, while next, you’ll be welcomed by the friendly owners of a foodie joint that is located on a cozy pedestrian street. Feel the ethnic vibes, smell the flavors and experience an exquisite savory pleasure made by mama’s hand.

After filling your belly, enjoy a stroll around the Commercial Triangle District, an area totally reborn during the last decade of the financial crisis that has transformed into the most prominent asset of the city.

Next, you’ll walk through the Red Light District, to one of the hippest neighborhoods of Athens, known as Psirri. Explore artsy alleys, and discover vintage shops, secret underground clubs, alternative hangouts, and new-style designer collectives. Here is the place that you will recall your childhood memories as you dig out items of the 1980s & 90s culture.

Your Athens Hipster walking tour couldn’t be completed without tasting a refreshing delightful organic ice cream made with fresh, high-quality products and selected raw ingredients.

From your last stop, you can continue your own exploration in the area, or you can join us on our The Bohemian side of Athens tour for experiencing a different side of Athens with us.

Whatever you choose to do, your guide will be more than happy to give you hints and recommendations on how to get the best out of your trip to amazing Athens!

Language: English

Inclusions: Local, English-speaking guide, 2 gourmet and organic snacks (2 street food spots), one sweet delight, and coffee. You will be offered enough food to comfortably skip lunch!

Exclusions: Additional food and drink, souvenirs and items of a personal nature, tips and gratuities for your guide